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Custom field set unintentionally
Answer ID 6359   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How was our incident custom field set?


Custom fields, Business rules


We have a business rule in place that sets the value of a custom field. We just discovered a number of incidents that had this custom field set but the rule is not listed as being met in the Rule Log. The field is also not in the workspace or end-user pages.


One option is, if an incident is copied from another incident which has the custom field set, the new incident will adopt the values of all fields, including custom fields.

There are a number of ways that a custom field can get set. If you are unsure how a custom field is being populated, check the following:

  • Set by a business rule. You can use the Rule Log to verify if the rule was triggered on a record
  • Set by a workspace rule
  • The custom field is configured with a default value
  • Set manually by an agent
  • Set by the customer on the end-user pages
  • Copied from another record where the custom field was already populated
  • Custom Process
  • Other customizations



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