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Using a custom answers/details page
Answer ID 6336   |   Last Review Date 12/11/2018

How do I direct the links on the answers/list page to a custom details page?


Answers, End-user pages, Analytics
Oracle B2C Service


To specify a different answer detail page, you need to:

  1. From the answers/list page, determine which report ID is used.
    • Note: If it is report ID 176, from the administration console, you need to copy that report and note the ID for the new report. Then you will need to update your home and answer pages to use the custom report ID that you just created.
  2. From the admin console, open the custom report for editing.
  3. Right-click on the Summary column (which is typically used to generate the link to the answers/detail page) and select Edit Format.
  4. From the pop-up, click the URL tab.
  5. Click the "Advanced URL definition" link.
  6. Enable the checkbox for "Begin with server end-user URL".
  7. Then in the top row of the fields (right below the "Simple URL definition" link) enter the part of the URL to use to generate the URL to your custom page.
    • For example, if my custom detail page is named "custom_page" and lives in a folder with the path --  development/views/pages/custom_folder -- I would set the top row to "app/custom_folder/custom_page/a_id/" . In the right column, set the field to answer ID so that the answer ID value gets added to the URL.
  8. Save the report and then test in development mode.

Note: Please engage with our Oracle Consulting team if you need further assistance customizing reports and end-user pages. Technical Support is happy to help trouble shoot break/fix issues within our product but our Oracle Consulting team is better suited to help you with customization requests.