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Enable Incident Thread masking feature
Answer ID 6316   |   Last Review Date 03/30/2020

How do I enable the incident thread masking feature?


Masking sensitive information in incident threads
Oracle B2C Service, All supported versions


Oracle B2C Service includes the ability to automatically mask incident thread content that matches common patterns, such as credit card, social security, and telephone numbers. When enabled, you can configure the patterns you want to mask and optionally display the last four digits of the masked values in the thread. In addition, you can define up to five custom patterns that will be masked when new thread entries are created.

Once incident thread masking is enabled, masking is automatically performed on credit card, social security, and telephone numbers in new thread entries, even if you make no changes to the predefined masks or define custom masks.

Items that are masked cannot be "un-masked" by Oracle B2C Service. The masking occurs in the incident thread data itself, where the masked values are replaced and not recoverable.

The incident thread masking feature is controlled by the THREADS_AUTO_MASKING_ENABLED configuration setting. Please note this is a hidden configuration and will need to be enabled by submitting a request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support. Please contact your Oracle account manager for entitlement of this feature.


- Enabling the THREADS_AUTO_MASKING_ENABLED setting does not mask existing incident threads. Only new incidents coming into the product will have their threads masked.

- Configuring Incident Thread Masking will configure this feature on the entire site, not on a specific interface.

- Masking in Chat is only available in the PCI pod. Sites not hosted on PCI can use the "Off the Record" button in Chat.

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