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We have created a Custom Incident Mask but it doesn't appear to be working
Answer ID 9276   |   Last Review Date 11/18/2018

Why is our Custom Incident Thread Mask not masking data that matches the pattern we have set up?


Incident Thread, Incident Thread Masking, Custom Masking
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


I have applied what I believe to be a valid Custom Mask for incident threads. However, when I deploy it, the pattern should be matched, but the data is not being masked.


Custom Masks are configured from Configuration > Service > Incident Thread Masking editor > Custom Masks.

Custom Masks take the form of [A-Z] {quantity of allowed letters}, [0-9] {quantity of allowed numbers}. If this gets matched, the console will mask that input.

Examples of Customs Masks are:

123-123456         [0-9] {3} - [0-9] {6}

123456-7890       [0-9] {6} - [0-9] {4}

K8N 5W6              [A-Z] {1} [0-9] {1} [A-Z] {1} [0-9]{1} [A-Z] {1} [0-9] {1}

Custom Masks will mask all of the input characters (including the hyphen).  This means, for the above example 123-123456, this would be masked as XXXXXXXXXX where even the hyphen character gets masked. At this time Custom Masks do not have the ability to show the last 4 digits like Credit Card, SSN or Phone numbers do.

The Test/Preview at the bottom of the Incident Thread Masking editor can be used prior to deployment of the Custom Masks. This Preview Text area only provides you an example of how the input will look once the masks are applied. If you are happy with the testing then you can Save and Deploy these changes and they will impact only new input into the database.

NOTE:  All data that is masked from this type of masking will appear as X characters and cannot be un-masked.

If you would like Incident Thread Masking enabled please see Answer ID 6316: Enable Incident Thread masking feature.  See also, Masking information in incident threads in online documentation for more information.


Custom Field/Custom Object (CF/CO) field masking does not use the same mask formatting as described above.  An example of CF/CO masking would be M#M#M#M#M#M#F-M#M#M#M#.  This type of input would allow for a field to only allow such inputs as 123456-1234 and where the digits are split by a hyphen.  For more information on this, refer to Answer ID 6967: Setting a specific format or mask for Custom Object fields.