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Primary Support Contact for the organization is not available
Answer ID 6309   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2020

How do I get assistance from Oracle B2C Service Technical Support if all our Primary Support Contact(s) have either left the company or are not available?


All versions, Contact Management
Oracle B2C Service


In my organization, all of the Primary Support Contact(s) have either left the organization or are not currently available and I need assistance from Oracle B2C Service.


Oracle B2C Service security policies require that some requests, such as administrator password resets or contact record edits, are requested by the Primary Support Contact for the organization.

However, there are situations that arise where the Primary Support Contact is not available for varied reasons. This restricts requests that can be made by the current (non-Primary Support Contact) contact.

When this situation is present, Oracle B2C Service requires the following details in writing from a Director level or higher in the organization.  This can be submitted through a new or existing service request.

- If there is a Technical Contact available, they can submit a service request via Ask Technical Support and attach the Director's email.
-  If you have no valid contacts, contact Support via phone and ask to speak to the duty manager.  Send the email to the contact the duty manager provides.  You can also provide the email to your TAM or Sales Manager and they can contact the duty manager for you.

  1. The email/update from a Director level or higher must include both their title/position and signature. 
  2. Details of who they would like set as the Primary Support Contact including:
    1. That contact's email address
    2. Phone number
    3. Mailing address
  3. Expressly written that this person should have the permissions to create contact records for this organization

We will then create a new Primary Support Contact record for the organization for the person indicated. 

The new Primary Support Contact will then be responsible for updating the contact records for the Organization.


It is a good idea to have multiple Primary Support Contacts to avoid these types of situations. Additionally, it is highly recommended to keep contacts up to date at all times.

For additional information, please see the "Working Effectively with Support for Oracle B2C Service Customers" presentations  available on the Get Started with Technical Support page.