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Error loading settings from interface
Answer ID 6220   |   Last Review Date 05/30/2019

Why are agents receiving 'Error loading settings from interface' message when launching the Oracle B2C Service administration console?


Oracle B2C Service administrator console


This error can occur when trying to launch the Oracle B2C Service administrator console either from the Windows Start Menu or via a Citrix session. The login screen will still load, but no value will be present in the 'Interface' field.


This error indicates a general client connection failure to your site, and the console is not able to load settings from the Oracle servers. This can happen for multiple reasons:

1. No internet connection to the Oracle server that house the interface, or the client request cannot reach its destination. Check to make sure that the connection to the interface is not being blocked within your network, or that your ISP is not currently experiencing problems.

2. Your IP address is not authorized to connect to your site. This is controlled by the SEC_VALID_ADMIN_HOSTS configuration. If your specific IP address is not listed in this configuration the connection will fail.

To check which IP address you are connecting from you can visit the following URL:

3. You have applied/removed/changed a custom host name on your site, and a redirect does not exist to the new host name. In this case it will be necessary to fully uninstall and re-install your site with the new host name.

Should issues continue after investigation of the above, please submit a service request via Ask Technical Support and include specifics of the issue with steps taken so far.