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Test Site Performance
Answer ID 6092   |   Last Review Date 05/26/2021

Why does our test site perform slower than our production site?


Non-Production sites (test sites and upgrade UAT sites)


Test sites are hosted on cloned servers, separated from production sites.  This prevents issues in test environments impacting production sites.  Because test sites are on cloned servers, the same performance levels are not guaranteed.  While our Technical Support and Cloud Operations teams will still work to determine root cause and take steps to resolve any performance issues unique to a cloned or test site, it is possible for a production site to run at a higher performance level than a test site.

If you have questions or concerns regarding test site performance, please create a service request.  If Technical Support verifies that performance differences are related to degradation in clone server performance, our Cloud Operations team will take action to remediate the problem.  Please note that Cloud Operations prioritizes production server maintenance over clone server maintenance.

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