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Message Templates not showing under Site Configuration
Answer ID 5944   |   Last Review Date 12/24/2018

Why isn't 'Message Templates' showing under Site Configuration in my navigation list?


November 2012 and later releases / Message Templates


In order to add Message Templates to your navigation list, you can open your navigation set and follow the detailed steps provided below:

1. On the right side, click on Configuration and Service.
2. On the left side, expand Components.
3. Click the 'Find in List' link, and search for 'Message Templates'.
4. Click the Add button.
5. Click Save.

Note: you may need to first create a navigation set, refer to Answer ID 2439: Creating and customizing navigation sets

You should now be able to see 'Message Templates' listed in the menu items of your navigation set. Please note, you might need to log out and back into the CX application to reflect the changes.  

If your profile also allows you to customize your navigation set, you can also add the 'Message Templates' menu item to your navigation set by clicking on the 'Customize List' link, and following the detailed steps provided below:

1. Click the button on the navigation pane that you wish to customize the list for.
2. Click Customize List...
3. Add the items from the full list of reports to the navigation list.
4. Drag and drop the items in the order to be displayed.
5. Click OK.

For more information, refer to Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.