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Receiving error message "Parsing .... Nested Quantifier * ".
Answer ID 5710   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

Why are we receiving an error message of "Parsing ".... **" - Nested quantifier *."


Oracle B2C Service, All Versions


When attempting to save an incident, it runs the incident rules in reference to that incident. When a business rule contains a search field, which itself contains two (or more) consecutive asterisks ('*') you will recieve the error message of

"Parsing ".... **" - Nested quantifier *."


To resolve this error you will need to edit the relevant business rule and remove the double asterisk.  A single asterisk will have the desired effect or the asterisks can be removed completely. 

The error message will normally contain the contents of the search field ending with the double asterisk, to assist in locating the relevant rule.

You can also use the Rule Log to identify which rules the incident matched. Additional information is available in Answer ID 1873: Using the Rule Log to troubleshoot rules.