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Incident Subject line is same as customer's question
Answer ID 5629   |   Last Review Date 07/09/2019

Why is the incident Subject line the same as the customer's question?


Incident submission
Oracle B2C Service, May 2011 and newer releases


When a customer asks (submits) a question, an incident is created in Oracle B2C Service, and the Subject field of the incident is the same as the Subject field the customer completes on the Ask a Question page.   However, if you remove the Subject field from the Ask a Question page, Oracle B2C Service automatically populates the incident’s Subject field with the first 80 characters of the customer’s question. For incidents created with a missing subject from .NET and BUI, the subject is populated with the first 236 characters of the thread entry. 

Please note, this functionality also works the same on the mobile customer portal Ask a Question page. See online documentation for more information.

To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.