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Restricting answers to one interface in the console
Answer ID 5608   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why do my answers that are restricted by product to one interface appear in agent "Search Knowledgebase" searches on another interface?


Answers, Interface visibility, Access Levels


1. Create answer access levels that are visible only to one interface. For example: "Interface 1 visible", "Interface 2 visible", "Interface 3 visible", etc.

2. On all answers that should be visible to specific interfaces, remove the "Everyone" access level and add the interface specific answer access levels you just created.

3. For answers that should be visible to multiple interfaces, select multiple answer access levels.


All answers are visible regardless of product when viewed from the console so that knowledgebase engineers can edit all answers from one interface.

However, answers can be limited in the "Search Knowledgebase" search on the incident messages tab by restricting answer access level.

For more information on answer access levels, refer to the following:

Answer ID 1838: Setting up privileged access

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