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Can chat transfers use a different greeting than new chats?
Answer ID 5425   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2020

Can we have a different greeting for chat on a transfer than the same greeting as on a new chat?


Chat greeting message for new and transferred chats.
B2C Service Chat, All versions


To have a separate greeting used for new chats and transferred chats is currently not a configurable option.  Both chats use the message base: CHAT_GREETING_MSG.


Should you wish to explore options to customize this feature, please contact your Sales Account Manager for an Oracle Consulting (OCS) engagement. See Answer ID 1731: Oracle Consulting options for more information regarding OCS.

Alternatively, you can also submit your question to the Communication Channels Forum. This Forum is a meeting place where you can go to discuss chat product usage with other Oracle B2C Service users and staff.