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Open option is grayed out in the attachments tab
Answer ID 5388   |   Last Review Date 02/15/2021

Why is the "Open" option grayed out in the attachments tab?


File Attachments, Configuration Settings
Permission allowing agents to open file attachments


When accessing the attachments tab in a workspace, the "Open" option is grayed out and is not clickable.


If the attachments tab is using the standard "File Attachment" control, this option is controlled via the "FATTACH_OPEN_ENABLED" configuration setting.

If the attachments tab is using a custom report instead of the "File Attachment" control, see Answer ID 6262: Attachments will not open in the console, no "Open" action available

Definition of the "FATTACH_OPEN_ENABLED" configuration setting: 

Enables the option to open file attachments in the Oracle B2C Service Console and to View attachments in the Browser User Interface.  If disabled, file attachments can only be downloaded. This may be desirable for security reasons. Default is disabled (No).

Steps to locate and amend the "FATTACH_OPEN_ENABLED" configuration setting.

1.  Navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings

2.  Search by Key, by entering "FATTACH_OPEN_ENABLED" (or, fattach%) in the Key field and select search.

3. The setting is now displayed.  To alter the setting click in the value field for the interface you wish to change and select "Yes" to enable.

4. Select Save to store any changes.  It will not be active until saved.

For additional information, refer to the File-Attachment Security section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.