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Advanced features in a published answer
Answer ID 53   |   Last Review Date 05/20/2022

What are some of the advanced features or capabilities that a public answer can contain?




Individual, published answers can contain several features and formats that are coded using HTML. To include the appropriate HTML code, you can use the HTML editor in your application or you can manually add HTML code to your answer.

For more information on adding HTML to your answers, refer to Answer ID 55: Using HTML in an Answer.

In Design mode, the Toolbox provides easy access to add common features to an answer.

Common features that can be included in answers are:

  • Answer Links -- links directly to another published answer on the end-user pages.
  • Conditional Sections -- allows you to display specific content within the answer to privileged users. For more information, refer to Answer ID 2309: Adding Conditional Sections to Published Answers.
  • Hyperlinks and Images -- link to and display URLs hosted on a web server.
  • Other HTML Features -- include common HTML features such as tables, horizontal rules, images, special characters, and text formatting.