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Search KnowledgeBase Report - Read Only
Answer ID 5282   |   Last Review Date 12/30/2018

How can we make the Search KnowledgeBase report read only?


Analytics, Answers


Since the Search KnowledgeBase report (report ID 125) is a standard report, it cannot be modified. You will have to make a copy of the report to use. Follow the steps below to make the report "read only".

  1. Right-click on the report you want to be read only and select "Edit"
  2. Click on the "Home" tab on the ribbon
  3. Click on the "Records" button located in the Properties section on the ribbon (NOT "Record" but "Records")
  4. Expand the "Answer" section using the plus +
  5. Uncheck everything except "Preview", so preview is the only thing checked
  6. Click Save

When you run the report and double-click on the answer, the answer will load in Preview mode and not edit mode. Anyone with permissions to this new custom report will be able to view answers without being able to edit them.