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Redirecting Oracle B2C Service application data to a UNC path or mapped drive
Answer ID 5249   |   Last Review Date 02/20/2019

Is it possible for Oracle B2C Service AppData to be redirected to a UNC path or mapped drive?


This answer applies to all Oracle B2C Service versions August 2011 and earlier releases.

For versions November 2011 and later, AppData Redirect is not supported. Please see documentation regarding 'Custom Deployment Locations' as an alternate for AppData redirect.


Since the deployment of the Oracle B2C Service console is Windows profile-based, by default the application data is placed here:


Due to a Microsoft-identified conflict between SQL CE5 and AppData redirection, redirecting the AppData of a user's Windows profile to a alternate location is not supported. This is beyond the control of Oracle B2C Service.

Currently, the only solution is to defer from redirecting AppData and use the local profile instead.

This can be tested by disabling the redirect of AppData for the agent's Windows user account, then reinstalling the Oracle B2C Service application again.