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Report that shows information about clicking on 'Email this page' link
Answer ID 5237   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

Is there a report that shows who clicked on the 'Email this page' link, including the email address sent to, on the Answers Detail page?


Analytics, Clickstreams


There is not a standard report that will provide the data you are looking for when clicking on the 'Email this page' ('Send this page by email') link of the 'answers/detail' page.  However, you can create a custom report using the 'clickstreams' table and the action '/ajaxRequest/Email'.

Please note, Oracle B2C Service does not advise running reports directly against the 'clickstreams' table unless it includes a runtime or fixed filter on a well indexed column, such as c_id.

Please see the following answer link that will give you further information on the descriptions of the Actions ID's in the 'clickstreams' table.  

Answer ID 5142: Description of Action ID's in Clickstreams