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Knowledge Advanced answer_view action ID in Clickstreams
Answer ID 11217   |   Last Review Date 04/09/2020

With Knowledge Advanced, what are the context2 and context3 field definitions for the clickstream action (/AnswerView)?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced
Analytics Reporting
Customer Portal


With Knowledge Advanced, the context2 and context3 field values may change for the clickstream action (/AnswerView) depending on the Referrer.


When you run a Knowledge Advanced Analytics report on the clickstream action id (/AnswerView), you will get the following values:

- First Parameter (clickstreams.context1):  Answer ID

- Second Parameter (clickstreams.context2): Document ID (If Referrer has non-null value. i.e. The Answer is clicked from content browsing.) or Search keywords text (If Referrer has NO_VALUE.  i.e. The Answer is clicked from search results.)

- Third Parameter (clickstreams.context3):  Answer Title

- Referrer (clickstreams.referrer): URL whereas if Answer is clicked from search results


- Knowledge Advanced has not added new actions in clickstream to support reporting. However, there are few internal actions with names /okcs* which currently are not used for Analytics reporting.

- For Knowledge Foundation related clickstream action (/AnswerView) information, refer to Description of Action ID's in Clickstreams.