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Create a Segment using the Accounts table
Answer ID 5190   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Is it possible to create a segment using the accounts table rather than the contacts table?


Audiences, Segments


It is not possible to create an audience segment using the accounts table. Segments can be created using only fields from the contacts table. A solution for sending mailings or surveys to staff accounts is to create contact records for the staff accounts. We, at Oracle B2C Service, use this workaround to send mailings to our staff members.

The Data Import Wizard can be used to quickly create contact records from staff accounts. First, create a custom report for staff accounts. Once the report is created, run the report and export the data into .csv file. Next, import the data from the .csv file to create contact records from the staff accounts data.

Please note, you may want to create a filter to exclude staff accounts that are permanently disabled or locked.  This information is stored in the accounts.attr field.

For additional information, refer to the 'Create a segment' section in the Online Help User Guide documentation for the version your site is currently running. To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.