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Automating selecting 'Send on Save' when responding to incidents
Answer ID 5164   |   Last Review Date 02/03/2021

Is there a way to automatically select the 'Send on Save' field when an agent responds to a customer?


Workspace, Incidents, .NET client only
Oracle B2C Service


When an agent responds to a customer, they have to manually select 'Send on Save'.  Agents are forgetting to do this and emails are not getting sent to customers. We want a way to automatically populate this field.


There is an option within the incident workspace that automatically populates the 'Send on Save' checkbox when an incident response should be sent automatically.

  1. Select the 'Configuration' tab on the left hand Navigation pane.
  2. Expand the 'Application Appearance' option and select 'Workspaces / Workflows'
  3. Find and open the current incident workspace
  4. Double click within the 'Messages' workspace area and it should take you to the 'Design' tab in the ribbon
  5. Select 'Response Options' --> 'Automatically select Send on Save when opening and incident'
  6. Choose the final option required - (On New, On Edit, On New and Edit)

(Note: Please ensure the workspaces being edited are linked to the relevant profiles and are tested being logged in as the appropriate user)

To set the default of the Send on Save option:  Configuration > Workspaces > Workspaces > edit a workspace > from Design ribbon, click the Response Options button

Configuring the setting to 'Automatically select Send on Save when opening an incident' will always check the 'Send on Save' option when you open a new/edit a workspace, depending on your configuration. Also, if you choose to action both 'Add a response when selecting 'Send on Save...' and 'Automatically select Send on Save when opening and incident', this will automatically open a 'response' message with the 'Send on Save' option pre-selected upon opening a new/existing incident.