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Customizations on refreshed test sites and upgrade sites
Answer ID 5129   |   Last Review Date 04/26/2019

Will any customizations be lost when test sites are refreshed or upgraded? 


Test Sites, All versions


When a test site is refreshed, all files are copied from the production site to the test site. Any customization files or integrations that require code changes in order to integrate with test servers will not function on the test site until the appropriate modifications have been implemented. The most commonly affected files are generally found in the ext_evt, xml_api, and the custom scripts directories, but Add-Ins, scheduled data transfers, and cron jobs are also at risk. These test site configuration tasks are not included in the test site creation and therefore must be implemented by the customer or Managed services.

If you require assistance with configuring customizations on the test site, please contact sales to engage with Oracle Managed Services.

For more information regarding a test site refresh, refer to Answer ID 7850: How to request a test site be created or refreshed for Oracle B2C Service.

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