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Ask A Question Submission Timeout
Answer ID 5118   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

What is causing the "Question Submission Failed, Operation timeout" message and how do we alleviate it?


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This timer is controlled by the configuration setting SUBMIT_TOKEN_EXP, which is an interface-specific configuration setting that is visible and editable through the Oracle RightNow CX Console. This is standard functionality that is a desirable feature for the security of your site. It is used to help prevent certain types of cross-site scripting and phishing exploits, so should be set to as short an interval as is reasonable for your site. The acceptable range is one to 120 minutes with 30 minutes as the default value. Please keep in mind that submissions that take longer than the value in this configuration setting will be rejected and require re-entry.

Please note, the minimum value the SUBMIT_TOKEN_EXP configuration setting can be set for is 10 minutes in order to receive the warning prompt. If the configuration setting is set below 10 minutes, the form will expire normally.

This configuration setting can be found under the Security header within the RNT User Interface section of your configuration settings. Your configuration settings can be found by following the steps outlined in Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration Settings.