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Using staff groups
Answer ID 491   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

What are staff groups and why should we use them?


Staff Accounts, Incident Routing


Groups are defined in the Staff Accounts table and allow you to more easily organize your staff accounts which allows you to report on specific groups of accounts. Each staff member must belong to a single group. It is not possible to have a staff member assigned to a primary staff group and also be assigned to a secondary staff group.

Note: While it is possible to use incident rules to route incidents to a specific group, it is not possible to specify an automatic assignment policy for assigning how incidents are distributed to staff members within a group. You can use incident queues to define groups of incidents from which staff members can pull incidents into their Inbox. For more information on Queues, refer to Answer ID 1843: Routing incidents to staff members based on queues.

To add a staff group, use the steps below:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open the Staff Management folder.
  2. Open a corresponding report that will display staff accounts. i.e. 'Staff Accounts by Group', 'Staff Accounts by Profile', 'Accounts by Profile Permissions'.
  3. Open a staff account record and locate the 'Group' field and click on the magnifying glass. This opens the 'Account Groups' dialog window allowing you to make your edits.
  4. To add a new group, select New Group from the top right.
  5. Name the group and click OK

In order to move a group, you must first ensure that all disabled staff accounts are visible. Right click in the white space in the left frame and select Show Disabled. Now, you can drag and drop the group to a different location in your overall list.

You cannot delete a staff group if there is a staff member in the group. You must first either delete the staff members from the group or move staff members to another group. If you delete a group, any incidents assigned to that group will show "undefined" in the Assigned menu to indicate that the group is no longer defined within your application. For more information on the impact of deleting staff accounts and groups, refer to:

Answer ID 1004: Effect on other tables when a staff account is deleted or moved 

Answer ID 1415: Effects of deleting staff accounts in Oracle B2C Service.