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Determining which profile an agent account is using
Answer ID 4827   |   Last Review Date 02/24/2020

How do I determine which profile an agent's account is using?


Staff Accounts, Profiles, Analytics
Oracle B2C Service


There is a Standard Report that displays which profile an agent account is using. This report is called "Staff Accounts by Profile" (report ID 13067). The report can be found in two ways.

The first way is to navigate to Configuration > Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Profile. Double-clicking this report will display a list of users, including account ID, first and last name, login, group, and phone.

The second way to find the report is to navigate to Analytics > Reports Explorer. The report is located in the following folder path: Public Reports > Site Administration > Staff Management. Double-click the report to open.

You can search within this report in two ways. The first is by clicking the Search button in the Data Set section of the Home tab of the Ribbon, which will search by re-running the report and allow for filtering by account status (active, temporarily disabled, permanently disabled) and/or account last name. The second is by using the find keyboard shortcut "Ctrl-F" which will search through the displayed list for a particular string.