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An "Unknown Error has Occurred" when trying to deploy the Oracle B2C Service application
Answer ID 4677   |   Last Review Date 03/30/2021

Why are we getting the error "Unknown Error has Occurred" after logging into our site?


Updates, Maintenance Packs
Oracle B2C Service, all versions


One reason that this error may occur is when one of the downloaded .zip assemblies is unable to be extracted during the installation process. This is caused by the file not downloading completely before extraction, or becoming corrupt after downloading.

If this is the case, then you will see an "Updates" folder in your site files directory.

For example:

  • Windows 10, Server 2012, 2016: C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\AppData\Roaming\RightNow_Technologies\MySite\Updates

Once these files are extracted this directory will be automatically deleted, so the existence of this folder is an indication that one or more .zip files may have become corrupt. Viewing the timestamps of these files should tell you which file is bad, as it will normally have an older date/time.

To fix this problem, either delete the Updates folder completely, restart the workstation and attempt to log in again. The application will initiate re-downloading these files and they should extract properly.