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Showing Report IDs
Answer ID 4592   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2018

How do I show Report IDs?


Analytics, providing Report IDs to RightNow Support


There are a couple ways to show report ids.

To show a report ID for one report only:

1. Locate the Report you are using in Reports Explorer and select it

2. You can either right-click and select "View Definition", or select "View Definition" in the ribbon from the "Record" section

3. Right under the Agent Activity, there is the report ID #


If you would like to see the report IDs for every report:

1.  Locate the Report you are using in Reports Explorer

2. Go to the "Display" section in the Ribbon and Select "Choose Details"

3. Check the "ID" box, then select OK, note the new "ID" column showing the Report IDs

Note that reports over with IDs of 100000 and greater are custom reports.   Technical Support can give limited support of reports that are custom.  For more information please refer to the current Technical Support Services document available in Answer ID 2543: Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Services Document.

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