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Adding Google +1 ( Plus One) tags on Customer Portal
Answer ID 4590   |   Last Review Date 11/09/2019

How do I enable or configure the Google +1 button ("Add the +1 button to let users share our content on Google+")?


Customer Portal Versions: 2.x.x & 3.x.x


In order to add the Google +1 button, you can replace the 'SocialBookmarkLink' code in the 'answers/detail.php' file with the code from Google, Twitter, and Facebook.  The code for the 'SocialBookmarkLink' is listed below:

<rn:widget path="utils/SocialBookmarkLink"/>

This file can be found here:

Below are the following links to configure a button and get the code.

Please note, that these code snippets do not need to have a set URL.  The widgets can get the URL automatically:

Google +1 button -

Twitter button -

Facebook button -

Notes for the Facebook button:
   • Do not enter a URL when setting up the Facebook button.
   • Note that the size for the button should be set to something close to 110 pixels to match the size of the Twitter button.

Put the code for the widgets into the 'details.php' file and test the results in the Development mode. Use the following URL to set Development mode:


Once you have made your changes, stage and deploy your site to make the changes live.