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Name displays differently in chat than expected
Answer ID 4562   |   Last Review Date 09/23/2018

Why is my Agent's name showing up differently in the Chat window?


Staff account name displayed in Chat
Oracle B2C Service


This is due to the information contained in the "Display Name" portion of the Agent's account within Oracle B2C Service.

Please note this is in reference to the Agent's name, eg: "Sammy Smith: Hi, how may I help you today?" and is not in reference to when a standard text being used as a greeting. (eg: "Sammy Smith: Hi, my name is Sammy Smith, please allow me a moment to review your question.")

To change the Display Name:

1) Login to your Oracle B2C Service console with an account that has sufficient privileges to edit a Staff Account.
2) Select Configuration -> Staff Management -> Staff Accounts by Group (or Profile, etc).
3) Open the Staff Account you wish to edit.
4) Select the "Display Name" field and adjust the name as necessary.
5) Save & Close.

If you adjust the display name in the middle of an agent's shift, you may need them to clear the Oracle B2C Service Cache (see answer below) and have them log off and back in to ensure that their console will load the new display name.  Please see Answer ID 2785: Rebuilding your local application cache.