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Custom field menu item limit
Answer ID 4560   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2018

Is there a limit of how many menu items you can add for a single custom field?


Custom Fields
Oracle B2C Service


There is a limit on how many items can be added for menu item custom fields.  There is a strict limit in total but that value can be dependent on many factors. For example, one factor is how many languages you have configured on your site.

The strict limit is 8800 total menu items. This total is divided by how many languages the site has configured.  This will cause customer sites to have different limits depending on their configuration. One site that has a single language can add up to 8800 items where another site with 21 languages will have a limit of 419.  If a new interface is added or one is removed, that could affect the limit for the site.

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