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Incident response transaction not reflected in thread
Answer ID 4545   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why are we seeing a Response Sent transaction, but not a corresponding Response thread entry for an incident?


Incidents, Audit Log, Response Threads
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


From the Audit Log of our example incident, there is a Response Sent transaction, but not a corresponding Response thread entry at that same time. 


Because it is not possible to delete a thread entry once it is committed to the discussion thread, it is likely what you are seeing is that the agent opened the incident for edit, checked the Send on Save check box (or it was checked by default), and then saved the incident. Selecting the Send option from the ribbon can also have the same result.

If they entered any text, they may have inadvertently erased that entry before saving the incident. In this case, although an agent may receive a prompt asking if they wish to proceed without entering a response, it is still possible to click Yes past that prompt. This action will send the incident response message (creating the Response Sent transaction in the Audit Log) with all existing thread entries.

As one example for the use of this functionality, this allows agents to 're-send' the last response message without having to re-type a new (or duplicate) thread entry. Another possibility is that it may have been an inadvertent click for the agent to enable the Send on Save check box with their last update to the incident (i.e. changing assigned and status).