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Identifying the owner of a domain
Answer ID 4420   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2018

How do I identify whether a domain belongs to Oracle RightNow?


Domain owner


Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team is often asked to troubleshoot web sites that do not belong to Oracle RightNow. Agents need to be able to prove to a customer that the site is not an Oracle RightNow site and they cannot troubleshoot the issue.

 One of the ways to do this is to follow these steps.

  1. Identify the URI in question. (e.g. ) Make sure that you are not confusing the URI of an iframe with the URI of a parent page.
    Note: The <iframe> tag defines an inline frame that contains another document.
  2. Identify the domain name of the URI in question. ( e.g. ) A domain name is also known as a host name, and it does not include the protocol ( e.g. http:// ) or the relative URI ( e.g. /index.html ).
  3. Identify the IP address of the domain. (e.g. )
  4. Perform a whois lookup on the ip address.
  5. Look at the OrgName entry. Notice for our example that the owner is ICANN and not Right Now Technologies, Inc.