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Change the Oracle Cloud portal My Services and Configuration Assistant Identity Domain
Answer ID 11828   |   Last Review Date 02/23/2021

The Oracle Cloud portal Identity Domain was provisioned incorrectly and needs to be changed.


Oracle Cloud portal My Services and Configuration Assistant


An Identity Domain is a domain that controls the authentication and authorization of the users who can sign in to an Oracle Cloud service and which features they can access.  This is assigned to a Subscription ID during the provisioning process.  The Identity Domain may or may not have a reference to a site name, but it does not necessarily relate to a specific site.
An Oracle Cloud service in a Traditional Cloud account must belong to an identity domain.  A Traditional Cloud account is the account used for the RNOW product.
An Identity Domain cannot be changed without a re-booking/re-provisioning of the order, which must be addressed by your Sales Account Manager in order to work with the Provisioning team to determine if the option would actually be possible.