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"The server and client clocks are no longer synchronized" or "Request time not within range."
Answer ID 4385   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2019

I keep getting one of the above error messages.  What causes this and how can I fix it?


Oracle B2C Service, Environmental


The Oracle B2C Service software has a number of security features. One of the security features is the time offset value.

Error messages such as:

"Unable to communicate with server",
"Request time not within range" or
"The server and client clocks are no longer synchronized"

...may indicate there is a problem with the time changing on the affected workstation.

When logging into the Oracle B2C Service console, this security feature notes the time on the client workstation and compares it to the time on the Oracle B2C Service application server. This time difference is stored in the time_offset column of the accounts table for each account. Each subsequent transaction that the client submits to the server is compared to this time-offset value. If the client time changes by more than the allowed offset value (plus or minus 120 seconds) the transaction is not valid and the error message is returned.

When a single workstation receives this error message, consider the following possible causes:

  1. The system clock on the workstation is losing or gaining time suddenly. This can be attributed to a bad CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor)  battery and or issues occurring when it is synchronizing to a time server. Checking and replacing the CMOS battery is recommended. The average lifespan of a lithium CMOS battery is about three years. Workstations purchased in bulk, may need to have the CMOS batteries replaced.
  2. The computer is losing its network connection sporadically. While there are a number of possible causes for this, don't forget to check the physical network connections. Check the network cable for loose wiring or a loose plug. Check the cable for pinching or sharp bends or kinks. Replace suspect cables.

When numerous workstations are receiving this error message, consider the following possible causes:

  1. If synced to a local time server, check that servers CMOS battery, it may be failing. A local time server with a failing CMOS battery can reset the workstation time to an incorrect value.
  2. Check for a bulk purchase of workstation or workstations of similar age. Check and replace the CMOS batteries if failing or are three years or older.
  3. Check for sporadic network connections.


The time security feature is built into the Oracle B2C Service software. This feature cannot be turned off or altered.

Some screen savers have been shown to affect the workstations clock. If the error is routinely received after the workstation has been locked, check the screen saver as a possible cause.