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CX for Facebook not functioning
Answer ID 4373   |   Last Review Date 11/09/2019

I have implemented CX for Facebook, but the Ask A Question page is throwing an error.


CX for Facebook


Clear cookies and remove permission for the CX for Facebook application access to the Facebook account.

  1. Log in to the Facebook account
  2. Click on the upper right hand "Home" menu then "Account Settings"
  3. Click on "Apps" on the left hand side of the screen
  4. Click the 'x' next to the application that you got the error in,  to remove it
  5. Log out of Facebook
  6. Clear your cookies and browsing history (including any information stored by add-ons)
  7. Close and reopen your browser
  8. Follow normal steps to access the CX for Facebook feature


Unknown error "There was an error with the request and the action could not be completed. Your attachment may be too large."