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SmartAssistant Deflection
Answer ID 4245   |   Last Review Date 02/19/2020

How does SmartAssistant deflection rate, as measured by the Questions Avoided report, work on our site?


SmartAssistant Suggested Solutions
Oracle B2C Service


SmartAssistant is displayed conditionally based on the number of searches and answer views the user has previously performed. This is to provide a better user experience by not offering answers to someone who has already searched the site. For instructions on how to configure or remove the conditions, refer to Answer ID 4243: SmartAssistant Display Conditions.

If SmartAssistant is displayed, it is done so as a pop up to make it clear that the question has not been submitted.  If the user does not finish submitting the question, then it is considered avoided by SmartAssistant.

From Customer Portal page, Ask a Question page, the user will select Continue to start submitting their question.

Smart Assistant will appear as a pop up with the suggested solutions.

The Questions Avoided Report records the question submission and confirmations on a per visit basis.  That is to say, if an enduser visited the ask a question page 3 times and was deflected by smart assistant twice, The Questions Avoided Report would show one session that began with submitting at least one incident and one session that confirmed at least one incident for a total of 0% questions avoided.