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Interactive Voice Response system
Answer ID 4187   |   Last Review Date 09/10/2019

What is the Interactive Voice Response system?


Oracle B2C Service Technical Support
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system


Oracle B2C Service Technical Support has implemented an IVR system to augment your ability to update, create, or contact us about your service request.  The IVR system was deployed as of July 14th, 2011.  Customers with Support Packages that include phone support are already utilizing this system.  

If you have updated your contact records and call in from a phone number listed in your contact record, we will be able to systematically identify you through your phone number and allow you to immediately let us know if you are calling about an existing service request or wish to create a new service request.

If you are not calling from a phone number listed in your contact record, and we cannot identify you via the caller ID, you may enter the phone number associated with your contact record or enter a service request number in order to help expedite your request.

You may update your Oracle B2C Service support contact record by visiting "Account" on the upper right-hand navigation pane at

When you call Technical Support we will match the phone number from which you are calling with your contact record in our site.  

In order to make this process more efficient for you, please log into your Oracle B2C Service support account and enter all the correct phone numbers from which you may call us.

We understand that you sometimes call us from your office, cell, or home numbers.  Please make sure we have all of these phone numbers on record in your support account.

If you cannot remember your user name login or password for submitting Technical Support service requests, go to this URL:

The first text box is so your user name can be sent to the email address associated with your contact record. Enter your email address that we have on record and click email me my user name.

The second text box is to reset your password. Enter your user name and click 'reset my password.'  An email will be sent to you with a link that resets your password.

If you know your user name and password for the Oracle B2C Service site go to the following URL to login.

Once you are logged in, you can edit your profile information:

  • Click Account
  • Select Account Settings

-Scroll down to see the following text fields to enter phone numbers:

  • Office phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Fax Phone
  • Assistant Phone
  • Home Phone

Please update any phone number from which you call Oracle B2C Service for support, then click Save.

Updating these phone numbers will allow us to identify who you are as a support contact, and match you with any service requests you may have submitted. It will also allow you to create service requests under your contact record through our IVR.

Keeping these phone numbers up to date also allows our agents to contact you via phone about service requests you have submitted, to gather more information, or give you updates on high severity issues.

Please subscribe to this answer to receive updates to information about the implementation of our IVR system.

Thank you,
Oracle B2C Service Technical Support