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Capturing error messages for troubleshooting
Answer ID 4049   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

What information in error messages is beneficial for troubleshooting, and what steps should be taken to record them?


Submitting errors to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support


When you experience an error in the Oracle B2C Service application, having the ability to capture and report the error message in detail can be very beneficial in troubleshooting the issue.  Here are a few examples of these errors:

Without additional details:

error message

With additional details:

error message

When you receive an error such as these, capturing a screen shot can be helpful in troubleshooting.  

To capture a screen shot of the error message please do the following:

  1. Select [ALT]+[Print Screen] with the error message is the active window.   
  2. Open your favorite image editing tool and paste, [CTRL]+[V], the screen shot into the image editing tool.
  3. Save the image.  It is recommended that you save the screen shot as a PNG(.png) file.

When you receive an error message with additional details, gathering the error message details can be helpful in troubleshooting the error.    

error message 

To gather this information, select the magnifying glass in the lower left corner of the error window.


Once the error window displays the details, select the first row and the select [CTRL]+[A], which will select the entire error detail output.

error message

Open your favorite text editor and paste, [CTRL]+[V], the message into the text-editor.  You can then save the message as a text(.txt) file and be attached to an incident.

Important: You must create an incident with Technical Support, the Send Information button does not create an incident with Technical Support.  This button sends error data directly to our development team to trend and fix recognizable issues.  Technical Support does not have access to the information sent to Oracle B2C Service development.  You must gather the information as shown above and include it in the incident you create, being sure to include steps to reproduce if you have them.  You should continue to use the Send button so issues can be trended and fixed, but in order to resolve the issue for you and incident must be created with Technical Support.

Once you have gathered the screen shot(s) and error message details, it is imperative that you document the specific steps that were taken to produce the error. 

There are several screen capture tools and text editors available for download that will help facilitate the instructions in this answer.