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Changing the response options for "Was this answer helpful?"
Answer ID 377   |   Last Review Date 04/11/2022

How can I change the response options for "Was this answer helpful?" ?


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The end-user pages include an answer rating question on the answer display page, which by default asks "Was this answer helpful?" and includes Yes/No options. You can modify this feature to allow different rating options and edit the corresponding message. This approach allows you to change the nature of the question from a Yes/No question to a ranking with stars or percents.

By default, the answer details page lets customers submit a Yes or No response to the "Was this answer helpful?" question. In order to display stars for ranking instead of the Yes/No option and add the options_count attribute to the widget.

e.g.Update the AnswerFeedback widget to be:

<rn:widget path="feedback/AnswerFeedback" options_count="4" dialog_threshold="2" />

in the answers/detail.php file.

All widgets including this one can be accessed from the Customer Portal Administration Area to see its definition, including a preview, description, default code, attributes, and all other relevant information about configuring it.

  1. Click the Widgets tab at the top left.
  2. Click Browse Widgets
  3. Click Standard Widgets
  4. Click feedback
  5. Click AnswerFeedback
Access this directly as https://<sitename>/ci/admin/versions/manage#widget=standard%2Ffeedback%2FAnswerFeedback

In addition, the WAS_THIS_ANSWER_HELPFUL_MSG message base can be edited to something like "Did this answer your question?" Determining which Message Base to Edit


See also the Change the Answer Feedback Page  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.