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Using spell check
Answer ID 324   |   Last Review Date 10/07/2020

Is spell checking functionality available in Oracle B2C Service?


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Oracle B2C Service


The spell check functionality for the .NET console can be enabled and configured within the workspaces used by staff members. This allows administrators to require spell checking for certain staff profiles and enabling or disabling spell check for certain fields within the workspace.

Spell checking is enabled on a field-by-field basis by enabling the Spell Check workspace property for that field.  Spell checking can be enabled for any text or text area field within the workspace, including custom fields and fields used with contact and organization records. 

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Spell check on record save:  You can configure the workspace so that the spell check is invoked when the record is saved. The fields that are enabled for spell checking are evaluated automatically when the staff member clicks Save or Save and Close.

The spell-check-on-save feature can be enabled separately for each workspace. This allows you to configure specific workspaces to perform the spell check automatically, but allow other workspaces to not use the automatic spell check.

To enable automatic spell checking for a workspace, use the steps below:

  1. Open the workspace for editing.

  2. Set the Spell Check property to be enabled for the fields in your workspace that you wish to have spell checked.

  3. Click the Home tab > Workspace Properties > Spell Check > and enable the Auto-check Spelling on Save option. Also evaluate whether to enable the Allow Canceling Auto-check box.

  4. Save the workspace.

Inline spell checking:  Within the Incident Thread relationship item (by default used on the Messages tab in incident workspaces), you can enable inline spell checking so that misspelled words are underlined in red as the agent types their response.  This allows the agent to easily see and correct errors within their incidents.

Inline spell checking is also available with the Opportunity Notes relationship item in opportunity workspaces.

Spell Check property options:  The Spell Check property uses the options below to enable and disable spell checking on that field:

  • True:  When set to True, the field is included for spell checking when the staff member clicks the Spell Check button in the toolbar.  If multiple fields are enabled for spell checking, the fields are evaluated based on the ordering of the TabIndex property. 

  • False:  When set to False, the field is not included for spell checking. 

  • As You Type:  This option is available with the Incident Thread and Opportunity Notes relationship items. Within the field, spelling is evaluated as the staff member enters content.  Misspelled words are underlined in red to alert the staff member.

To modify spell checking within a workspace, use the steps below:

  1. Open the workspace for editing.  
  2. Click the field within the workspace designer.  
  3. From the Design tab > Options section > Spell Check > set the Spell Check property.  
  4. Click another field and set the Spell Check property for each field of interest.  
  5. When finished, save the workspace.

For more information on workspaces, refer to Answer ID 2483: Setting up a new workspace

For additional information, refer to the 'Correct an Inline Misspelling' and 'Check Spelling Manually' sections in online documentation for the version your site is currently running.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

NOTE: The BUI console does not use these settings and utilizes the Web Browser's spell check functionality/configuration instead.  Please see Answer ID 9022: Browser UI Incident Workspace

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