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How to decrypt a data dump
Answer ID 2825   |   Last Review Date 08/14/2019

What are the instructions for a customer to decrypt a data dump we send them?


Decrypt, Data Export


Your Data Export is delivered in a standard MySQL export format.

You can request a Data Export as well as other Oracle Consulting engagements by contacting your Sales Account Manager. They will be available to answer any questions you may have.

If you have had a Data Export performed and are in possession of the Data Export URL and passphrase please see decryption instructions below.

If you do not have the technical ability to parse or understand your Data in the format provided, please contact your Sales Account Manager and they can engage you with our Oracle Consulting group.

GPG Decryption How to:

  1. Download decryption software such as GPG4Win
    b. Download the latest stable version
  2. Install GPG4Win (May require a system restart)
  3. Open GPG4Win (called Kleopatra)
  4. Click on File > Decrypt/Verify Files, navigate to your .gpg file.  
    1. This will ask for your passphrase. Enter the passphrase provided by Oracle B2C Service and choose the directory where you would like your files unzipped.
      1. Be absolutely sure you enter the correct passphrase. If you are not sure of any of the characters in the passphrase cut and paste the character into a text editor and change the font. This may help to make any ambiguous characters clear.
      2. Be sure to unzip the directory to a secure location with enough storage space. Data Exports are very large files.
      3. If the unzipped folder appears empty, be sure to uncheck "Input file is an archive; unpack with: " in GPG4Win (Kleopatra)

A successful Data Export and extraction will result in several files in SQL format or CSV. The steps required to migrate data from one database to another will require a Database Administrator.

The full Data Dictionary is not available outside of the application. However, it is possible to copy/paste information from the Data Dictionary. It may be useful to do this for all tables you know will be of use to create your own abridged version of a data dictionary resource.

For further assistance, our Oracle Consulting groups are happy to help.