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Common questions regarding the 'agent login' standard report
Answer ID 2781   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can we better understand the agent login report?


Analytics, Agent Login


Why are the login hours greater than 24 hours?

The number of login hours in the report will exceed 24 hours if the agent in question is not logging out of the application at the end of their shift. Total login time is measured as the difference between the login date/time and the logout date/time.  Another factor that affects the total login time is if the agent experiences an issue/error on the workstation (or in the console) that causes the application to close unexpectedly.  In the event there is an improper logout, the system cannot always write an end time to the database, and the agent will appear to be still logged in according to database statistics.  However, when the agent logs back into the application, the system then writes the end time (i.e. logout time) as the same date/time as the login.

How can incident edit time be greater than total login time?

The total edit time is a combination of all the times that each edited incident was open in the incident editor.  If a user has multiple incidents open at once in the editor, these times are compiled together and therefore the total incident edit time can exceed the total login time for the measured interval.

Does logging into more than one interface effect the login time?

Logging into multiple interfaces simultaneously does not affect the login time.  There is only one session per login.  Unless the agent is actually logging out and back into multiple interfaces, there is only one login transaction written.

Best Practices note:  The Agent Login report should be used to see who is logging in and out at what times, and is also good for tracking the number of incident edits made by each agent per day.  Note that any change made and saved to an incident counts as an incident edit transaction (even assigning an incident to another queue or agent) and therefore this report should not be the only report used to track agent activity and productivity.

For more information on the Agent Login report, refer to Answer ID 2336: Determining who has logged in to the Oracle B2C Service application