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Auto Complete and Bread Crumb Trails
Answer ID 2740   |   Last Review Date 02/12/2020

Is there a way to enable auto-complete when searching in Customer Portal?  Does Customer Portal use Bread Crumb trails?


Oracle B2C Service Customer Portal Version CPv1, CPv2 and CPv3


Beginning with the February 2009 version, CP has two new features: Search box with auto-complete and a breadcrumb trail.

Auto Complete

Within the Customer Portal (CP) administration page, when searching for widgets, the Search Box with auto-complete will use the first word typed into the search box to bring up widgets that contain that word.  For example, if you type in "Login", the auto-complete would bring up the widgets that contain the word "Login".

 Customer Portal Auto-Complete, example, enter "Login", widgets containing the word 'login' will be listed

Breadcrumb Trail

Another new feature in CP is a breadcrumb trail with navigation.  This enables you to see what directories you are in.  It provides a series of links back up through the site structure to the home directory.

Customer Portal Bread Crumb Trail, example: standard > login > LoginDialog