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Customer Portal Migrations
Answer ID 2678   |   Last Review Date 10/29/2021

How will updating my site affect my Customer Portal pages?


Customer Portal (CP) Administration and Migrations
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


If you are using Customer Portal, the look and feel of your page set will not change after an update cutover of your Oracle B2C Service site.

Your Customer Portal implementation will remain on the same Customer Portal framework version after the update. The Customer Portal framework can be updated to a newer version outside of the update process. Changes to the Customer Portal files on the production site when an upgrade site is present will be discarded at update unless the files are applied to the upgrade site.

For more information on migrating Customer Portal, refer to the Customer Portal Migration Guide for your version: 

Answer ID 9044: Updating Customer Portal Framework from v3.2 to v3.3

Answer ID 5767: Migrating to Customer Portal Framework version 3

Note: Guides are available only for major migrations, where changes are significant.  
However, customers can migrate from and to any version.

Additional information about how to migrate and what is in each version can be found in the CP Administration area.

  • When you click the Framework tab and select Framework Versions, you’ll see a list of the available Customer Portal frameworks in the left column.
    • The list of frameworks shows the version being used by each of the three environments.
    • When you click a framework, the changes that are included in that version are defined.  
    • You can mouse over the bullet for each change to learn which of the following types of change it is.
    • Click more at the end of each line for additional information about the change and what you might need to do to incorporate the change.
  • Code assistant - You can use this tool to simplify the migration process between framework versions and obtain specific guidance for updating your custom code. See Answer ID 8506: Accessing Code Assistant to migrate CP2 custom widgets to CP3 custom widgetsfor more information about Code Assistant.

See also Answer ID 4696: Popular Answers About Updating Oracle B2C Service for an Overview of the update process.

To ask a specific question regarding Updates, please submit your question via Oracle B2C Service Upgrade Site Question.