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Responding to a survey or mailing email creates an incident
Answer ID 2607   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

How do we prevent incidents created from replies to low survey score notifications?


Surveys, Mailings
Outreach and Feedback
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


We get notified via email if a survey score is at certain value. If someone replies to the email, it automatically creates a new incident. We do not want these incidents created.


When a survey email, or mailing from the Outreach/Feedback is replied to, it is sent back to the Reply-to address of the Outreach Mailbox specified on the Message tab. The techmail utility will then run against this mailbox and process any messages in the mailbox. If it finds a reply from a customer in the mailbox, it will create an incident in the Service side of the product.

If you do not wish to have incidents created from replies to surveys or mailings, you will need to create an incident rule that will filter on the incident’s source or incoming mailbox and then have an action to Do Not Create Incident.  For the best service to your customer you should send a response giving them instructions on how to get support. Follow the example below:

1. Create a standard text called "Incident not created" with instructions on how the customer can reach your support team using the web, email or chat.

2. Create a rule in the beginning of the default incident rule state called "Do not create incidents from mailings".

3. Add conditions and actions as follow:

Incident.Incoming Mailbox equals <enter the name of a specific Outreach mailbox>
Incident.Source equals Utilities/Techmail - Outreach Mailbox

1. Append Response Template to Response Field (select the "Incident not created" standard text).
2. Send Email Response to Sender. Leave "Incident Details" unchecked.
3. Do Not Create Incident

4. Save the rule, compile and activate the rule base.

For more information on creating rules regarding incidents refer to:
Answer ID 385: Using Incident Source when creating incident rules 
Answer ID 551: Actions a business rule can execute.