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Explorers in Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 2605   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

In the Oracle B2C Service application, what are "explorers"?


Explorers within the agent console
Applicable to each module


Some components within the Oracle B2C Service application display data in hierarchical folders that are similar to Windows Explorer. These explorers allow staff to navigate and access a specific item of interest from a list. 

For example, staff can use the analytics explorer to find a specific report by accessing the specific folder and sub-folders displayed in the explorer. Similarly, the charts styles explorer allows staff to navigate and find specific styles to use with charts in your reports. In addition to the standard styles listed, you can create folders and custom styles which are then listed in the explorer.

The explorer includes a browse tree on the left and a configuration space on the right.  The explorers are represented visually by small icons.  Explorers are only found in specific modules, including:


  • Reports explorer
  • Styles explorer
  • Chart Styles explorer
  • Color Schemes explorer
  • Images explorer
  • Text Fields explorer 


  • Surveys explorer
  • Questions explorer 


  • Mailings explorer
  • Campaigns explorer 

Content Library

  • Documents explorer
  • Tracked Links explorer
  • File Attachments explorer
  • Templates explorer
  • Snippets explorer 


  • Contact Lists explorer
  • Segments explorer 


  • Scripts explorer
  • Client Workflow Images explorer
  • Workspaces / Workflows explorer
  • Navigation Sets explorer 


  • Guided Assistance explorer

Please note, the Message Templates global template is not designed to replace the Templates Explorer used in surveys.

Administrators can add specific explorers to navigation lists used by your staff.  In addition, if staff can customize their navigation list, they can add explorer to specific navigation lists as well. For more information on navigation sets, refer to Answer ID 2439: Creating and Customizing Navigation Sets.

For comprehensive information on using explorers, related sections in online documentation.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.