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Configuring WebDAV connection to access the Customer Portal
Answer ID 2600   |   Last Review Date 05/28/2020

How do we create a WebDAV connection to access the Customer Portal files?


WebDAV, Customer Portal


Please see the Oracle B2C Service infrastructure requirements for WebDAV applications supported with your version of the Service Cloud application.   Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements

Enabling WebDAV Access

Staff whose profile has the "CP Promote" check box enabled on the Administration tab can promote pages from the staging area to the production area. Note: Staff members with CP Promote permission automatically have CP Edit and CP Stage permissions.

Staff whose profile has the "CP Stage" check box enabled on the Administration tab can copy development files to the staging area. Note: Staff members who have CP Stage permission automatically have CP Edit permission.

Staff whose profile has the "CP Edit" check box enabled on the Administration tab can access the Customer Portal administration site and edit customer portal pages in the development area using WebDAV. Note: Staff members with CP Edit permission, but not CP Stage or CP Promote permission, cannot access the Customer Portal Editor. Nor can they access the Deploy tab on the Customer Portal Administration site.

With the staff profile updated so that the "CP Edit" box is enabled, staff can set up a WebDAV connection.

Note: The configuration setting MOD_CP_DEVELOPMENT_ENABLED must be enabled in order to access the "CP Promote, Stage, and Edit" permissions and access Customer Portal via WebDAV. In previous versions, the configuration setting is hidden and enabled by default.

MOD_CP_DEVELOPMENT_ENABLED: Controls whether Customer Portal development is enabled. If true, users will be able to modify files through WebDAV, deploy changes, and reach the administration pages. Default is disabled (No).

Using WebDAV, staff can download the CP files to the workstation, edit the files, and then upload the files back to the server.  Server files remain secure because staff must log in using their Oracle B2C Service administration login and password to use the WebDAV protocol.

For more information on the Customer Portal pages, refer to the Customer Portal documentation.  You can also join discussions and post questions within the Customer Portal Forum

Configuring a WebDAV connection to CP using Cyberduck: Once you have downloaded and installed the Cyberduck client, following these steps will allow you to create a WebDAV connection to your Customer Portal.

1.  In Cyberduck, click on "Open Connection"
2.  In the topmost dropdown menu, choose "WebDAV (HTTP/SSL)" for your connection type
3.  In the URL field, enter your CP URL (leave out the https at the beginning). For example:
4.  Ensure that "Port" is set to 443
5.  Un-check the "Anonymous Login" box
6.  Enter the username and password for an agent account with CP Edit permissions
    a. Note: A space in the username will cause authentication to fail.
7. Expand the "More Options" section of the dialog by clicking the arrow to the left of the "More Options" text
8.  In the "Path" field, enter "dav" (without the quotes)
    a. Note: in OCI pods, the Path field must be left blank.
9.  Click "Connect"
10.  If you entered everything correctly, you should now be able to upload and download files from CP using Cyberduck.

Here is an example of a correctly configured connection in Cyberduck: Note your version of Cyberduck may differ from image below. Make sure you select HTTPS.

Complete all fields in the Open Connection window. Make sure you select HTTPS.

For more information on the supported versions of Cyberduck, refer to the System Requirements for your version.