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Changing the language of an interface
Answer ID 2486   |   Last Review Date 04/26/2022

How do I change the language used on an interface?


All versions - Interfaces / Languages


Language packs are applied only to new interfaces at the time of interface creation. The language pack is interface specific and cannot be changed or edited.  Additionally, our standard product functionality does not allow the translation of a language on any Customer Portal pages.  Interfaces with supported languages can have their own text in the language pack that has been applied on that interface.  

In order to change the language pack on an existing interface, the existing interface will need to be disabled and a new interface will be created with the appropriate language pack.

For a description of what happens when an interface is disabled, refer to Answer ID 7884: Disabling an interface

Note: Additional interfaces are a chargeable item. For more information on pricing and options, please contact your sales account manager.

For a list of languages that can be applied to your interface, refer to Answer ID 318: Languages Available for RightNow Products.

Please submit an Ask Technical Support request to our Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team and specify the following information:

1.  Specify the name of the new interface.
2.  Specify the interface to clone the look and feel from:
3.  Specify the RightNow accepted time zone for the new interface by reviewing the file in the answer link below.

Answer ID 605: Setting the time zone in Oracle B2C Service

4.  Specify the language pack for the new interfaces by reviewing the answer link below.

Answer ID 318: Languages available for Oracle B2C Service products

5.  Indicate which actions have been completed as recommended in Answer ID 7884 above.