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Clearing notifications automatically from the console
Answer ID 2448   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2018

Can notifications be cleared from the administration consoles automatically after a certain amount of time?




The NOTIF_AGE_DAYS configuration setting specifies the age in days after which notification messages are purged by the agedatabase utility. The default is 10 days.

Note: Having an excessive amount of notifications collected can cause performance issues due to larger files associated with numerous notifications. This includes the Support Console being blank when staff members log in and also the agedatabase utility failing to run.

For this reason, we do not recommend increasing this setting above approximately 15 days. However, if you wish to decrease the value of this setting, you can use the path below:

Select Configuration > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings and search by Key. For more information, refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing configuration settings.

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