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Enabling a staff member to monitor chat sessions
Answer ID 2441   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2020

How can I enable a staff member to monitor chat sessions?


Chat, Monitoring Chat Sessions
Oracle B2C Service, All currently supported versions


When B2C Service Chat is enabled on your site and you configure a staff profile, additional options related to B2C Service Chat features and functionality are included and available for configuration also. The Chat options appear on the Service tab in the lower section of the page.

When B2C Service Chat is enabled for the staff profile, you can enable the Supervisor and Monitor check boxes to allow a staff member the ability to monitor chat sessions. Only staff with Supervisor rights can be enabled to Monitor chat sessions.

After enabling the monitoring option in the profile, the profile must be associated with at least one Chat queue.  This allows the user to login to Chat.  The user must be logged into Chat before the Monitoring option will be available in the ribbon. 

To monitor a chat session:

  1. Login - Click the Login Chat button to log in to Chat.

  2. Open Report - Open the Chat Supervisor Queue Snapshot standard report.

  3. Monitor - Click on the chat that you want to monitor, then on the ribbon click the Monitor button. You can also right-click the chat from the report and select Monitor. The chat session opens on the Engagements tab and you can view all correspondence between the agent and the customer. At this point the agent does not know the chat is being monitored.

    You will have the option to send private messages to the agent while monitoring.

              Enter text in the Compose field and click on the Send Private Message button to send a message only to the agent.

  4. Join - To join the chat you are monitoring, click the Join button on the ribbon. The agent is notified that you have joined the chat.

                                Click the Join option from the top ribbon

  5. Sending Messages - Once you have joined the session, you will then have two Compose fields, one for public messages (white background) the customer and agent will see and one for private messages (blue background) that only the agent will see. 

    Next to each text area is the corresponding send button:  Send Public Message or Send Private Message.

              Enter text in the appropriate Compose field (public or private). Next to each field is the option to Send Public Message or Send Private Message.

  6. Leave - To leave the chat you are monitoring, click the Leave button on the ribbon. You are disconnected from the chat and the monitoring session ends.
    1. If you were only monitoring, then you can leave a session without the agent being notified.
    2. If you joined the session, there is a "Participant Left" message posted to the public thread. Both the customer and agent are notified that the supervisor has left the session.

The number of chats that can be monitored at a time is controlled by the number of idle sessions the supervisor has.  The number of max sessions can be increased by editing the supervisor's Profile Permissions and changing the "Max Sessions" value on the Service Tab.

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