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Determining answers with Review On and Publish On dates
Answer ID 2348   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How can we determine which of our answers have a Review On or Publish On date set?


Answers, Metadata


You can create a custom report that includes the Publish On and Review On dates as either filters for the report or as output columns. This allows you to easily see which answers have dates set for either of those fields.

  • To include the Publish On field in your report, select the Publish On (publish_on) field from the answers table. 
  • To include the Review On field in your report, select the Expiration Date (expires) field from the answers table.  Note that you may want to re-label the filter or column heading to be Review On. 
  • To have the report show only records that have a date set in the Publish On or Review On field, set the expression operator in the filter to "is not null".

For more information on creating custom reports, refer toAnswer ID 2509: Creating a Basic Custom Report.